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Top 10 Best Ice Cream Shops in Paris - Amorino

Top 10 Best Ice Cream Shops In Paris


Top 10 best ice cream stores in paris | paris top | parisianist city guide

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Why you will love it?

Wondering how you’re going to survive the Parisian heat this summer? Here’s an idea: how about cooling off and satisfying your taste-buds by trying the best ice cream shops in Paris. You’ll be amazed by the variety of flavors and beautiful presentation some of these Parisian ice cream shops have. Chances are, one visit may not be enough! So, without further ado, check out our top 10 best ice cream stores in Paris now.

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About this place

29-31 rue Saint-Louis en l’Ile, 75004 Paris 22 Rue le Vieuville, 75018 Paris 59-61, boulevard de Reuilly, 75012 Paris 81 Rue Seine 75006 Paris 4 rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris

Our Insiders' Article


Opened in 1954, the ice cream shop on the Saint Louis island is an unmissable classic. Berthillon is probably the most famous and loved ice cream shop in town. Their motto: “Quality is our passion” is a reality.

  • Address: 29-31 rue Saint-Louis en l’Ile, 4eme, Paris
  • Metro: Line 7 - Pont Marie
  • Opening Times: 10am to 8pm from Wednesday through Sunday
  • Price Range: €3 for a scoop
  • The specialty: Chestnut with a bit of rum


Not only are the flavors blossoming in this ice cream shop (with new flavors continuously in the making) but the ice creams themselves are in a flower. Be mesmerized as they sculpt your specially made flower shaped ice cream onto the cone. Amorino is truly ice cream at its most elegant! 

  • Address: Various venues around Paris
  • Opening Times: 12 pm to midnight every day
  • Price Range: Small- €3, Medium- €4, Large- €5 (Large Cone €5,50)
  • The specialty: Basil and lime for July and cantaloupe melon for August!


Discover the new kid in town! Run by an international team, including the American author of the best seller ‘Lunch in Paris’, Elizabeth Bard, the style and decor reflect the fun, colorful and lively themes of the film ‘Scaramouche’. A quirky, friendly place to enjoy your ice cream! Be spoilt for choice as you face a wide selection of unique ice creams inspired by the flavors of the world. 

  • Address: 22 Rue le Vieuville, Paris
  • Metro: Line 12 - Abbesses 
  • Opening Times: Everyday from 12pm to 12am
  • Price Range: 3€ for 1 scoop, 5€ for 2 scoops, 6,50€ for 3 scoops and 8€ for 4 scoops
  • The specialty: 1001 nut or fennel flavored ice cream


The world famous chocolate shop is also home to some of the most delicious ice creams in Paris! Although there is a bias towards the chocolate flavors, they are the best of their kind. And the others are no less delicious! If you are a chocolate lover this is the place for you! The chocolate paradise awaits you…

  • Address: Various venues
  • Opening Times: 7.00-23.00
  • Price Range: Over €3
  • The specialty: chocolate ice cream


The oldest traditional ice cream shop in town! Although it may be slightly out of the city centre, we recommend a visit! The homemade flavors are an absolute delight to your senses, and so are the fruit sorbets. Close your eyes and you will believe that you are eating the fruit itself. If you are lost for choice, why not try a bit of everything- there is an option to try 8 different flavors! 

  • Address: 59-61, boulevard de Reuilly, 75012 Paris, France
  • Metro: Line 6/8 - Daumesnil
  • Opening Times: very day from 10:30 am to 10 pm
  • Price Range: 1 scoop- 5,10€, 2scoops- 7,60€, 3 scoops- 9,60€
  • The specialty: fruit sorbets


At Grom, enjoy the mélange of top quality ingredients in a surely unforgettable ice cream. The natural sources of all their ingredients assures a top quality dessert. There are new flavors introduced monthly so may it be your first time or the hundredth, there will always be something unique and new! Here’s some good advice: do not let the queue put you off!

  •  Address:81 Rue Seine 75006 Paris, Saint-Germain-Des-Prés, 6ème
  • Metro: Mabillon/ Odeon/ Saint-Germain-des-Prés
  • Opening Times: 9.00-00.00
  • Small- 3,70 Medium- 4,70 Large- 5,70, Maxi pot- 7,50
  • The specialty: Pistachio/Caramel ice cream with pink Himalayan salt


An “éclair” is a typical French pastry. But how about trying the frozen version? The colorful and wonderfully garnished ice creams are served in their own long shaped holders. From the nutty, chocolate favors to the ones bursting with fruit, these unique ice creams will not disappoint!

  • Address: Various venues
  • Opening Times: every day from 11am to 7pm
  • Price Range: 6,50€ each
  • The specialty: Raspberry and passion fruit.

Glaces Glazed

Going with a techno, pop and electro inspired theme Glaces Glazed offers you a funky taste of some very original ice creams. Ever tried caramalized banana and curry ice cream or beetroot, ginger and rum ice cream? It works! All ingredients are also fresh and 100% local.

  • Address: 54 Rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris
  • Opening Times: 12pm to 6am from Wednesday to Sunday
  • Price Range: 5 to 10 Euros
  • The specialty: Voodoo Chile (Caramel bananas and curry)


Choose from a selection of four yogurt flavors and twenty topping to create your very own combination! The flavors also vary according to the season and the theme of their ‘yogurtologue’, so there is always something new to try! Good quality yogurt is their priority and the carefully selected local ingredients promise for a unique flavor.

  • Address: Various Venues 
  • Opening Times: Sunday-Wednesday 12:30 pm to 8 pm, Thursday- Saturday 12:30 pm to 11 pm
  • Price Range: Priced according to weight, 2,50€ per 100g
  • The specialty: Chocolate and crumble

New Paragraphe

Here too, you will be able to create your own dessert. All you need to do is select from a choice of special recipes, decorate with as much or as little topping as you wish, and place it on the scale! Green tea..praline…strawberry or chocolate, with fruit, candy, chocolate toppings that make your mouth water! 

  • Address: 4 rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris, Sorbonne/Panthéon, 5ème
  • Metro: Line 7 - Place Monge
  • Opening Times: Monday- Thursday 12pm to 10 pm, Friday- Saturday 12pm to midnight, , Sunday  12pm to 8 pm
  • Price Range: Priced according to weight.
  • The specialty: ‘The throw back’

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