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L'Hotel Particulier Montmartre

"My favorite hidden gem in Paris"

  • March 2016

reviewed by Oriana from France

Hotel Particulier Montmartre


The perfect hidden gem

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Just when you thought that Montmartre has no secrets left to hide, in comes L’Hotel Particulier. Located in a remote area on Montmartre hill only few people know about, L’Hotel Particulier is truly a unique place. A charming garden, a small mansion, this secluded restaurant/hotel is one of the best areas to feel away from Paris… in Paris.

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About this place

23 Avenue Junot, 75018
Line 12 - Lamarck Caulaincourt

Wednesday : 19:00 pm - 23:00 pm
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Monday : Closed Tuesday : Closed Wednesday : 19:00 pm - 23:00 pm Thursday : 19:00 pm - 23:00 pm Friday : 19:00 pm - 23:00 pm Saturday : 12:00 pm - 23:00 pm Sunday : 12:00 pm -

Our Insiders' Article


If someone asks about Montmartre, most people would probably think mass tourism, especially near the Sacré Coeur and Place du Tertre.
L’Hotel Particulier is the perfect example that Montmartre still has some truly amazing and secret places away from the crowds. The mansion (“hotel particulier”) was built for one of the members of the Hermès family before it got purchased by Frederic Contet and turned into a small 5 suite hotel in 2007.
In 2011, his son and current hotel manager Oscar decided to rearrange the hotel and add a restaurant, with seating inside and outside in the beautiful lush garden of the property.


Open only from Wednesday to Saturday night starting 7:30pm, the restaurant of the Hotel Particulier is the perfect area for a romantic dinner.
The meals here are described as French Creative Cuisine, with traditional gourmet French recipes reworked by the talented chefs. For a 2 course meal, expect to pay around €40, and €60 for a 3 course meal. On Saturdays and Sundays afternoons, the restaurant organizes a brunch (€38) with an all you can eat buffet.
On sunny days, the brunch also includes an outdoor barbecue.

Parisianist Fun Fact: the fresh eggs that the 2 chickens lay are sometimes served for breakfast. Oscar also owns a beehive and the gathered honey is also served to the clients. 


The restaurant can welcome up to 50 people and can be divided into 2 areas: the garden and the inside dining room.
Outside, white metal chairs and tables are scattered in the small yet charming lush garden, where all you hear are singing birds and the wind in the trees (and the occasional cluck of the 2 chickens freely wandering in the garden).
As for the inside dining room, it’s baroque, trendy and class with velour arm chains and nice flower arrangements. Again, this setting, both inside and outside, is perfect for an intimate meal, either with a loved one or if you feel like spending a close moment with a friend.


The garden (and entrance of the hotel) is separated from the cobble stone private passageway by a large fence and when the gates open, the stage is set.
The lush garden takes you somewhere far away from Paris. When entering the building, the photos on the right are of Oscar, the 25 year old manager, and his family.
On the left, the “hunting” room decorated with stuffed animals is the most romantic spot, especially in winter by the fireplace, with a table for two by the window and a table for 4 under “bob” the deer.


L’Hotel Particulier is a very small boutique hotel with 18 people in total working for the hotel, and the managers want to keep it this way to avoid losing the unique charm of the area.
The service of the restaurant is therefore very slow sometimes as the waiters might have to do several things at the same time (check in, receptionist, concierge…).
But going to L’Hotel Particulier should be a moment where you sit back and relax, slowly losing track of time and enjoying the present moment. Many local and international stars come here (even Parisians come for a night at the hotel, just to “get away from it all”), because of the beauty and ambiance. One recommendation: you should too!

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