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Ciel de Paris

Ciel de Paris


Highest venue in paris

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Why you will love it?

Located on the 56th floor of the Montparnasse Tower, Ciel de Paris (the sky of Paris) is the highest restaurant in the city, offering a unique bird’s eye view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower. It now has a champagne bar and serves late dinners on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

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About this place

33 avenue du Maine, 75015
Line 4/6/12/13 - Montparnasse Bienvenüe

Thursday : 7:30 am - 23:00 pm
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Monday : 7:30 am - 23:00 pm Tuesday : 7:30 am - 23:00 pm Wednesday : 7:30 am - 23:00 pm Thursday : 7:30 am - 23:00 pm Friday : 7:30 am - 23:00 pm Saturday : 7:30 am - 23:00 pm Sunday : 7:30 am - 23:00 pm

Our Insiders' Article


There is no better way to describe Le Ciel de Paris than to use the words of the interior designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance: “A suspended salon, chic and sparkling, to admire Paris differently.” What more could you expect from the highest restaurant in Paris, located on the 56th floor (of a total of 58) of the Montparnasse Tower? Managed by one of the leading catering companies in Europe, Elior, Ciel de Paris’ engagement is to welcome and take care of each and every customer with passion and professionalism. And the view of Paris is simply spectacular...


Be it lunch or dinner (or even a late night dinner from Thursday to Saturday), the experience of eating at Ciel de Paris is unforgettable. The menu is signed by chef Christophe Marchais, and is an ode to conviviality and feast. Using noble French traditional ingredients such as foie gras, the menu is easily readable as chef Marchais believes that real cuisine is when things have the taste of what they are. Try out the Consommé de Homard avec son corail d’oursin, a lobster consommé with a touch of sea urchin served at will or the Vrai-faux risotto de pommes de terre charlotte, a risotto imitation where the potatoes are in cut in the shape of small rice grains. The friendly and professional waiters will always be happy to suggest the wine that will perfectly accompany your meal.


During the week, there is a 38€ three-course lunch menu, but you can also choose the two-course menu (either starter + main dish or main dish + dessert) for a maximum of 29€, including a coffee. The lunch menu is changed every 10 days to propose diversity to the regular customers. When it comes to dinner, a three-course menu with the finest and freshest ingredients costs 65€, excluding drinks, and a champagne menu worth 114€ (including a half bottle of champagne per person) is served for those who are sitting next to the windows. From Thursday to Saturday, a special 44€ late night menu is served for those that have enjoyed an evening in one of theaters in the neighborhood.


There is a large choice of quality wines at the Ciel de Paris, as well as a list of classic cocktails beers and soft drinks. But the highlight of Ciel de Paris is its champagne bar. Exclusively dedicated to champagne, you can order the champagne that best suits you, be it white, rosé, or a combination of chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier grapes, coming from the best champagne producers of France. Each glass is therefore a moment of shared pleasure and a sign of happiness.  


Ciel de Paris welcomes Parisians and visiting guests alike. The ambiance is therefore very international, from businessmen celebrating a successful business deal, visitors enchanted by the panoramic view or couples spending a romantic dinner on top of the city of love. Everything here is created for your pleasure, as the interior designer truly believes in the tight relationship between mankind, space and objects. The ambiance is therefore festive, yet laid-back, friendly and warm.


Paris is "a moveable feast” were the words of Ernest Hemingway, who lived on the left bank of Paris. In the early 20th century, the left bank area of Montparnasse was the new place to be, draining all the intellectuals and artists away from the right bank district of Montmartre. The décor of Ciel de Paris translates this elegance and sensuality that the American author loved during his Parisian years, but no décor could surpass the beauty of Paris, especially at night, which can be admired through the windows of the restaurant or the reflections from the many mirrors inside.


Built in 1973 to replace the old and rundown railway station, the Tour Montparnasse is the second tallest building in Paris after the Eiffel Tower (the Sacré Coeur is taller, but the basilica is located on a hill). The view of Paris from the last floors of the tower is simply breath-taking and opening a restaurant at the top made perfect sense, where great cuisine would be served while clients would marvel at the spectacular view, reaching a distance of 40km on a clear sky. 


When it comes to dining in the sky in the French capital city, nothing beats Ciel de Paris: a magnificent view, great value for money menus and a friendly atmosphere. What more could one ask for? An ethical approach to gastronomy you might think? Think no more… Elior, the managing company of Ciel de Paris, is a member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2004, therefore taking care of its clients by focusing on quality and nutrition and by monitoring the impact of their activity on the environment. Paris, in this case, if truly a feast!

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