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Le Printemps celebrates its 150th anniversary

April 09, 2015

By colette


As an avid ambler, I have come to find that Paris is one of the best places in the world for getting a little lost. But don’t panic- you are almost always guaranteed to stumble upon something fantastic and unforeseen, just as I did when wandering through the 9th arrondissement...

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Covered in massive pink signs, decorated to the nines with windows filled with amazing art, and garnished with hundreds of fake flowers hanging from the awning, Printemps popped out at me like a budding rose in the midst of winter. Based on the signs, it was no mystery - in honor of its 150 anniversary, Printemps has gone above and beyond its usual grandeur. And I figured, what better way to ring in spring than to participate in their magnificent celebration? The visual pleasure of the extremely exquisite floral arrays and decor throughout the store are difficult to resist, as is a new pair of shoes… 

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A birthday as monumental as this must be something special. To celebrate, Printemps draws on its original marketing and adds a completely refreshing and modern twist. The principal ideas of the anniversary capitalize the blossoming of spring with heaps of pink flowers and, above all, the pink rose-- a theme that is difficult to overlook. 

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Printemps has continued to collaborate with various artists throughout their history. As for the wondrous windows that made me stop and stare, they decided to display vibrant works from 11 different international artists.

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Apart from the traditional chestnut roasters that line the street, 8 various food kiosques line Boulevard Haussmann to offer you sweet or salty treats as you go in and out of the store. It’s truly difficult to pass up one the many scrumptious treats. There will also be several events such as concerts, games, tastings, and pop-up cocktail bars each weekend of the celebration. If you aren’t in Paris and want to celebrate as well- you can! There is an online shop of over 1000 products made exclusively for the 150th anniversary from hundreds of renowned brands--from Fendi to Ralph Lauren.


Parisianist Fun Fact: A continuous innovator in terms of department stores--the first to have electric lighting and one of the first to have metro access-- Printemps is truly amongst the finest landmarks of Paris, especially when it comes to shopping. Started in 1865 by Jules Jaluzot, the idea of Printemps, which means “Spring,” was that of novelty, renewal, and rebirth.

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