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5 Ways to Add some Coolist to your Tourist

March 16, 2014

By Michyl


We’ve all been there. We’re packing for the big vacation and we ask ourselves, What am I going to wear over there? Louboutins flash into our minds. “Well if Parisian girls can stroll in Louboutins, I can too.” Rookie mistake. Parisian girls do it because they’re off to work or to sit at a café. Not navigate the cobblestone steps up to the Sacre Coeur or balance on a swaying Bateau Mouche. Let’s face it. We’re on vacation and we’ve got an action packed itinerary that might very well kill us. So what does this all boil down to? Your ideal exploring ensemble shouldn’t be straight off the runway, but it shouldn’t be straight off the side of the freeway either. From those who know tourist-ing in the city best, here are the 5 ways to add some coolest to your tourist.


Anyone who tells you that you need a money belt in Paris is severely confused. Just don’t make any sudden movements and back away from them very slowly. We will admit, Paris is a pick-pocketing capital (namely in the metro), but this can be avoided by carrying a bag with few exterior compartments and keeping that bag closed at all times. Our favorite recommendation: The Longchamp bag. One zipper, ultra-light, ultra-Parisian. Did we mention durable? Trust us. This bag will last longer than your Android. 
Featured Product : Le Pliage, Myrtille - Available at and Longchamp Stores, Paris


We should probably thank the Silicon Valley for this one. Wearing running shoes as a fashion statement is COOL! Even Chanel confirmed it in their latest Fall 2014 supermarket runway show. So do do do, opt for a great pair of Nike Free’s in any color of the rainbow. Note: leave the heels at the hotel if you are planning to stroll the whole day in Paris. They will either get ruined by the cobblestones or your feet (and everyone you are travelling with) will be severely annoyed with you after a few hours of non-stop walking. 
Featured Product : Nike Free - Available at


Having a Canon and Nikon is cool. But what’s even cooler is having one that’s accessorized. Head over to Colette to have a look at their selection of Selbz straps. 
Featured Product
SELBZ X HACIENDA MONTECRISTO - Available at and Colette Store, Paris



This is one of the easiest ways to bump up your style. First, rocking a scarf is typically European, so embrace your inner Parisian. Second, it’s the easiest way to add a little flair to the more casual, comfortable outfit you will likely opt for while exploring. Third (and most importantly) it’s multi-functional. A chilly breeze? A little rain? A picnic blanket? Nothing like a big scarf to come to the rescue in any of these circumstances.
Featured Product : Épice Scarf PS 1444 PINK - Available at and Épice Store, Paris


Standard maps are sooo yesterday. Ok not really, but if you’re looking for a map that’s more design than practical (and includes cool recommendations), the Bonjour Paris map by Marin Montagut is a great option. And especially until the Parisianist Wifi Free Mobile App/Navigator is available this summer!
Featured Product : Bonjour Paris Map by Marin Montagut - Available at 
Merci Store, Paris

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