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Ooh Là Là! The 10 Most Risqué Spots In Paris

December 02, 2014

By Florian


Will you be able to resist the glamorous naughtyness of sexy Paris?

Paris has been called by many names: the City of Lights, the City of Love, and even Parisians refer to it as Paname. But why hasn't anyone refered to it as the City of Sex?

It's a bit surprising when you know about all the old 19th century brothels, the modern and chic swinger clubs, the former prostitution areas now turned into touristic and shopping highlights. And let's not forget Pigalle, the red light district turned hipster territory.

Even the iconic Musée d’Orsay had exhibitions on Sade (18th century provocative writer, his name being the origin of the word sadism) and the splendors and miseries of prostitution in France!

Enough talk and let's get down to brass tacks! Here are the French capital's 10 most risqué spots. Welcome to sexy Paris!

Palais Royal

Did you know that the beautiful (and touristic) Palais Royal, a former royal palace located north of the Louvre, was once a popular protitution area? 

During the 18th century all the way until 1814, hundreds of public women would “create their palace” there, or in other words, sell their nights to wealthy men. The “beavers” and “half-beavers” (so they were called) would operate respectively in the stone galleries and in the aisles of the Palais Royal, while the “swallows” would flirt in the gardens.

Next time you go shopping for some hot and trendy items under the arcades of Palais Royal, just remember how hot this place used to be back then.


Where are all the Paris brothels you ask? Good question, knowing that in 1850, there were around 200 official brothels in Paris (and many other clandestine ones) and now, there are none!

In the middle of the 20th century, the One Two Two (122 Rue de Provence) and the Chabenais (12 Rue de Chabenais) were considered as the most luxurious brothels in Paris. A lot of distinguished guests such as Charlie Chaplin, Humphrey Bogart or Edith Piaf would have dinner there. Hmmm... only dinner?

But the ban on procuring led to the closing of all Parisian brothels.


Would you be surprised to know that Paris' red light district has now become Paris' trendiest neighborhood?

Pigalle is still considered today as the main red district of Paris, although more and more hostess bars and sex shops have been replaced by the trendiest cocktail bars in the capital (Dirty Dick or Lulu White).

But some sex-shops, including the huge Sexodrome, and erotic cinemas are still here for those looking for insperation or wild and wacky fun. The Erotic Museum pays homage to the provocative past and present of the neighborhood.

Parisianist Fun Fact: Not too far away from Pigalle, on Place Saint George, is a beautiful building formally owned by one of the most glamorous and famous courtesans of the 19th century: la Marquise de Païva. A lucrative business, or so it seems!

Rue Saint Denis

The other red light disctrict of Paris is on Rue Saint Denis. Poor Saint Denis, he must surely be losing his head! 

Royal processions entered Paris through the Royal Gate of Rue Saint Denis before the 17th century. The street became the first paved road in Paris, and soon filled up with horse carts travellers in the 19th century. These tired travelers sought comfort in the arms of local mistresses. The carts have disappeared of course, but the mistresses are still there (although the "local" is now more asian and african than caucasian)

Swingers Clubs

So... why are brothels in Paris banned and swingers clubs authorized ?

Paris might be the capital of love, but it is also the capital of naughty love making. Where, you ask?

Brothels are not banned as it is linked to pimping, but surprisingly, managing a swingers club is totally legal. Per definition, the latter is a place where willing people over 18 can meet and enjoy the pleasures of group sex. And THAT is legal.

Many swingers clubs in Paris have therefore opened in recent years:

The most exclusive: Les Chandelles. €250 approx. per couple for dinner, sex and celebrity spotting

The oldest: The 2 Plus 2 opened more than 40 years ago

The most historic: The Château des Lys, located in the tower of the old Manufacture de Porcelaine de Clignancourt (“Clignancourt Porcelain Factory”) dating back to the 18th century.

The most exposed: The WE. 7 stories of carnal lust, one of them entirely made of glass for an optimized see and be seen experience.


If sharing is not your thing, but you still want to spend a night of carnal lust with your partner, we have just the thing: the intimacy of a comfortable and welcoming hotel.

Designed with sensual and inspiring decorations, the Seven Hotel is more than just a hotel, it’s a real experience for couples. It's located in the Latin Quarter.

If you want to step inside a former trendy Paris brothel, spend a night at the beautiful 5 star hotel Maison Souquet located a stone's throw away from the sensual and sensational Moulin Rouge cabaret.

Cuisinier Très Particulier

As a tourist, you might not have the pleasure to ask for this type of service, but who knows? Maybe in your AirBNB on a night you really don't feel like cooking...

The concept of French company Cuisinier Très Particulier (“very particular cook”) is quite simple: a private cook (man or woman, you chose) comes to your home and prepares a delicious meal. What is so "particular" about the concept, you wonder? One extremely arousing detail: He/She is naked under the apron.

Just in case you are wondering, yes, the food is good too!


For this bakery, the phallic shape of the traditional french baguette was not enough!

With a little inspiration and a touch of provocation, Legay Choc bakery decided to invent a “bread stick” of their own. And the creation is not so much in the taste, but rather in the shape.

As they say, pictures here speak louder than words. And numbers speak for themselves, as sales have soared for this original bakery located in the heart of Le Marais, the gay area of Paris.

I wonder if they serve these breads for dinner in paris' swingers clubs too?


Let's set aside the provocation and talk about some of the best main stream entertainment there is in Paris: the cabarets.

Paris takes on a unique aspect when it mixes its romantic, sensual and glamorous sides with its historical savoir-faire for esthetics and entertainment.

Of all the cabarets of Paris, the Crazy Horse is surely the most glamorous and sensual one. The Moulin Rouge, on the other hand, is the only place to see the traditional and (formally) provocative French Cancan dance.

And for a hilarious song and dance performance, head out to the transvestite cabaret Michou.


Cemeteries? In a Sexy Paris article? You probably think we are crazy! Well, we are but it's totally justified.

Surprisingly enough, some tombs in the Parisian cemeteries have very arousing shapes or decorations. 

Certainly the most notable one is Victor Noir’s tomb at the Père Lachaise Cemetery, which is believed to have fertility powers when one touches the “private parts” of the life-sized statue. You'll be surprised to see how many people believe in this when looking at the tomb!

Oscar Wilde's tomb at the Père Lachaise as well as Serge Gainsbourg’s tomb at the Montparnasse Cemetery are always covered in lipstick kisses… Both men did have a lot of female fans but something tells us the French singer would have cared more than the Irish author...


Well, sexy Paris should not have any secrets for me now.

If you have enjoyed this article, why not leave the thrills of the sexy things to do in Paris and feel the chills of the 12 most horrific places in Paris. You'll read about haunted areas in Paris, the guillotine, serial killers, dramatic deaths and much more!

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