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Naughty Paris Interview

July 10, 2014

By Michyl


Photo Credit: Hana 

Now, it’s our goal at Parisianist to show-off the latest and greatest that Paris has to offer. But when it comes to showcasing the “Naughtiest,” we turn to the expert. Heather Stimmler-Hall is an American-born travel journalist, veteran Parisian blogger at Secrets of Paris, tour guide and author of Naughty Paris. So, when she announced the release of Naughty Paris’ updated (and highly anticipated) second version, we couldn’t resist chatting with her about the new naughty finds she has in store for us.


Photo Credit: Hana

Q1) Parisianist: How would you describe Naughty Paris to someone who’s never heard of it?

Heather: Naughty Paris is how you would imagine the girls from Sex And The City navigating Paris! This is more of a book for the ladies who have been to Paris before (although it’s also fun for first timers) and are now looking to discover the more risqué side of the city. That being said, it’s not a book only about sexy things. It’s really a great insiders guide whether you are a lady coming here solo, with friends or in a couple. 


Photo Credit: Kirsten Loop

Q2) Parisianist: What was your original inspiration behind Naughty Paris?

Heather: As a long-time Paris writer and guide, I would often get discreet questions about where to go for the risqué side of Paris. A handful of books were already available on the subject but all in French and more tailored for men. “Someone should really write a book like this for women” I thought. To which I answered “why not me?” With the concept in mind, I teamed up with photographer Kirsten Loop whom I had met on the French Riviera in 2001. She understood exactly my vision for the book and with that, Naughty Paris was born.


Photo Credit: Kirsten Loop

Q3) Parisianist: So what can we hope to discover inside the cover of Naughty Paris?

Heather: The book itself is set up like a classic travel guide with recommendations for shopping, restaurants, bars, hotels and more. But, if we take bars for example, we suggest the ones where you can plan on going to meet people or that have more privacy so that you can steal a smooch from your lover!  The book also gives advice on who else goes there, how to get in, and exactly what to expect once you’re inside.


Photo Credit: Kirsten Loop

Q4) Parisianist: So tell us, what are some of your favorite addresses in the new book?

Heather: Well I am a big fan of the Moonshiner cocktail bar, and for a more naughty recommendation I would say Mise En Cage, a boutique specializing in high-end lingerie and sex-toys. You also have your own private changing area, which is great if you want to give your partner a little private peek at your new corset. Another address I also love is Jovoy, a store specializing in rare perfumes that are made by small perfume houses. The ambiance here is fantastic because they really take the time to show you the different fragrances so that you can find the perfect one for you.


Photo Credit: Kirsten Loop

Q5) Parisianist: So the original Naughty Paris came out in 2008. What can we expect from this new and improved version?

Heather: More pages! 60-pages more to be exact. This time around we also have more suggestions for nightlife, interviews with experts such as perfumers, where to go to get “fangs” professionally made, details on Masked Balls and more. We also teamed up with 52 Martinis for the bar recommendations and have re-done the shopping section by neighborhood. 95% of the restaurant, bar and hotel recommendations are also new! The only part that remains similar to the first version is the opening of the book where we get into Paris’ naughty history.


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Price: Book: 29 € & eBook: 15 €

Note: Interview responses have been paraphrased.

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