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Will Paris Embrace Movember ?

November 12, 2014

By Sedrik


Living with a Canadian, I discovered Movember 3 years ago (Canada is the country with the most participants : 250,000 in 2013 who raised 37 million dollars). I usually have a beard and at the beginning of November I shaved… Except the mustache. I show my face to my girlfriend, she tells me that surprisingly she finds it kinda sexy. The stache stays.


To raise money for research on men’s health issues, especially prostate cancer, men are encouraged to grow their mustache during the month of November. They become MoBros. Of course, their whiskers raise curiosity among their entourage, they talk about men’s health issues and friends are invited to donate. Simple.


Thanks to social networking, the event is booming (250,000 particpants in 2009 – 1.1 million in 2012). Here's how to participate:

1.  Shave your whole face on the first of November (here you’re going to tell me that I didn’t follow the rules…and you will be right)

2.  Grow a mustache and only a mustache (no beard or goatee allowed)

3.  Encourage your loved ones to donate for research on men’s health issues. You can even create your own MoBro profile for people to donate to.


The word movember comes from Mustache and nOVEMBER.

November 1999: In Australia, 80 men decided to grow their mustache during the whole month of November to raise funds for charities.

2003: The idea was taken up by a group of friends in Melbourne. Instant Success. The Movember Foundation Charity was created, mainly focusing on fighting prostate cancer.

2013: More than 20 countries participated (France since 2012), 147 million dollars were raised by more than 4 million people. 


With the hipster movement booming in Paris and more than 50,000 likes on the Movember France Facebook page, it is possible. On the other hand, France has a very peculiar tradition regarding charities. French people give more easily to charities that are well established. So, if this article made it so that you want to participate, don’t hesitate to make a donation HERE and I will tell you at the end of the month how it feels to look like a truckdriver pornstar in the beautiful streets of Paris.

UPDATE - After almost a month here are the answers : 

1. It works for awareness: everybody asked me why the moustache and I could talk to them about Movember.

2. It doesn't work for money: the only people that I know who donated are foreigners.

3. Everybody is laughing at me at the office and apparently I look like Freddy Mercury, the late singer of Queen. If I had a tenth of his talent I would be blessed.

4. Will I do it next year? You'll find out in 11 months ;)

Take care


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