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Our Five Tips to Fight Hangover

November 21, 2014

By Gary


Yesterday was  Beaujolais Nouveau day. If you drank too much, don't worry! Being hungover is not fatal. Here are our 5 tips to stay fresh after a night of drinking.


1) Drink a lot of water ! Don't take after our CEO and drink water from the Seine. 

Eat Healthy

2) Eat light and healthy ! To do so there's nothing like a little detour to Pousse Pousse even if it's just for a smoothie. Another good alternative is Cantine Merci

Eat Greasy

3) Eat greasy! No healing property in it but you know you want to. A great opportunity to have a Burger at Blend or some Eggs Benedict at Eggs and Co.

Drink again

4) Fight fire with fire ! No study proves it's effective. But who needs to justify having a Bloody Mary at Lockwood ?


5) Take a walk ! It won't make your liver to work any better but it's nevertheless a good way to fight a hangover. Visit the Baccarat exhibition or go (re)discover the charms of Montmartre.

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