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5 Must-Know Facts About Paris in August

August 04, 2015

By Florian


A lot of so called Paris specialists recommend not to come in August. But if you take it from a real Parisian’s perspective like Parisianist, everyone agrees that August is probably the best month to enjoy Paris.

Ok, some restaurants and shops might be closed, and the temperatures can get pretty hot, but those are minor inconveniences compared to the perks of taking the metro without having to fight your way in or get insulted by a typical rude Parisian driver! Good or bad, here is a list of the 5 things you need to know while visiting Paris in August.

Outdoor Activities

The hot and generally quite dry days are perfect for outdoor activities.

These activities can be organized (cruise, open roof city drives, draw paris…) or spontaneous, such as a picnic on the banks of the seine, Paris Plage or the La Villette Outdoor Movie Theater.

Quiet city

August is generally the month when the great majority of the Parisians take their holidays. Although some might be disappointed to visit a city abandoned by its inhabitants, there are some great advantages to that.

You will not get stuck in traffic, you can find places to park your car easily and you won’t need to muscle your way inside the metro or bus during rush hours. That is something every Parisian dreams of!

Summer Closures

Although almost all museums, monuments and cultural places are open, quite a lot of shops, restaurants and bars close in August for their annual summer vacation.

So don’t be surprised if your favorite restaurant or shop is closed. Rest assured though, there are plenty of other places to go to that are equally as good.


Hotel prices in Paris are generally lower than in July, because most of the French people travel to the south of France, and not to Paris.

This also goes for quite a lot of European tourists, preferring beach to bitumen. A simple question of offer vs. demand!


Because Paris is Paris, August is still a busy touristic month, so expect to wait in line in famous monuments or museums.

There are 2 ways to avoid this waste of time though: order skip the line tickets on the internet or follow Parisianist’s advice on how to make the most of each monument. 

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