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10 Do’s And Don’ts Of New Year's Eve In Paris

December 29, 2014

By Gary


To celebrate New Year’s Eve 2016 in Paris is a great idea as the French capital has a lot to offer. But sometimes, spending such an exceptional moment in a foreign city can easily become a nightmare if you don’t know what to do or where to go. If you can’t hang out with Parisian friends and have dinner at their place (which is what Parisians do), here is a list of 10 very helpful do’s and don’ts to make this New Year’s Eve 2016 in Paris celebration a night to remember.


1. DO go to the Champs-Elysées: above the Arc de Triomphe is the only place where a sound and light show and fireworks happen on New Years Eve in Paris. One thing though: you won’t be alone!

2. DO try the classic New Year’s Eve dinner: indulge yourself with some delicious French specialties such as foie gras, oysters or smoked salmon.

3. DO wear something fancy: The tradition is to be nicely dressed for New Year’s Eve in Paris. Some areas will even refuse you if you don’t have the proper attire.For girls, we recommend a chic dress (not too too revealing though) and heels. For guys, we recommend a collared shirt, jeans and dress shoes.

4. DO take the metro: It’s free and the metros will be running all night long. Make sure you time it right as you wouldn’t want to celebrate the year transition with perfect strangers in some random Parisian metro tunnel!

5. DO go to a cool club: there are many nice clubs in Paris. In 2014, la Machine du Moulin Rouge and Electric were 2 great parties.


1. DON'T expect crazy fireworks in Paris: As surprising as it may sound, Paris is one of the only international capitals that does not organize any major fireworks for New Year’s Eve (the event at the Arc de Triomphe is more a sound and light show). You’ll have to wait until July 14th (Bastille Day) for an awesome fireworks show lit from the Eiffel Tower.

2. DON'T go to the Eiffel Tower: You now know that there are no fireworks, but you are still thinking that the Eiffel Tower is the place to be for an awesome celebration? Think again! You’ll only find a lot of tourists waiting for some fireworks as well as lost (and drunk) parisian souls.

3. DON'T expect to find firecrackers: Again, playing with fire in winter isn’t a very Parisian thing to do! But the firecracker ban could be a good idea when seeing all the injuries in neighboring countries. Everything is better than spending New Year’s Eve in a hospital with missing fingers!

4. DON'T go to a fake "fancy" restaurant: the prices soar on New Year Eve and the food is not even that great. We recommend going to a small, traditional restaurant or even better, go to a private dinner with Parisian friends!

5. DON'T expect to find a cab: Take our advice from above. Use the subway! You’ll probably have to wait until sunrise if you hope to successfully flag a cab in the street. And it won’t change a thing if you try booking in advance.

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