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1 Year Anniversary of the Dirty Dick

February 27, 2014

By Florian


Going to the Dirty Dick on a weekday evening is always a pleasure, but when you are invited for the 1 year anniversary of the bar, it’s something you simply do not want to miss! So, after a hard day’s work of computer programming, article writing and website marketing, Michyl, Sedrik and I were pumped up and ready to chill at one of our favorite laid back cocktail clubs in Paris: the Dirty Dick. 


Yes, I know… The name might come off as slightly repulsive and a tad provocative, especially when you know that it is located in the heart of the red light district of Paris. But more than a year ago, the former sex hostess bar left the premises to make way for a new kind of entertainment: a Tiki bar, serving some of the best cocktails in town. And trust me, the name of the place is all that’s left of the ancient bar. As we got out at Pigalle Metro station, all 3 of us were eager to once again feel the characteristic Polynesian vibe of the Dirty Dick: Tiki sculptures and masks, bamboo stools and bar all bathed in dim red and blue lights.


A friendly “bonsoir” to the bouncer at the entrance and once the door is open, it takes just 1 step to leave the stressful streets of Paris and enter… paradise. Going to the Dirty Dick at 6:30pm any day is probably the best time to enjoy the bar to the fullest, but this time, it was even better! After a warm and heartfelt welcome from Scott as we took off our winter coats and heavy bags, it was time to taste the great looking finger food and homemade anniversary cocktail. Add in a very friendly chat with the Dirty Dick crew, who seem to really get along, and it simply cannot get better than this.


Hats off to the delicious Asian influenced finger food! We first tried the sushi-like snacks, which tasted great, but soon enough, some of the Dirty Dick team members invited us to taste other phenomenal Asian snacks, lying on the table underneath the painting of a Marylin Monroe-ish woman enjoying a tropical beach at sunset. The cocktail started kicking in, and by 7:30PM, we were all talking about everything and nothing. Sensing I felt slightly overdressed (a white shirt is considered all but appropriate attire here), I was even offered a tiki shirt which must have come straight from the garbage, judging by the smell of it.


All in all, we had a fantastic time, which unfortunately ended much sooner that we would have liked to, as we had other engagements later in the evening. As we left at 8pm, the bar was getting crowded, as usual. We thanked Scott for his warm welcome and invitation as we headed towards the front door… towards Paris. And although I didn’t keep the tiki shirt (I guess it found its way back in the garbage can), I say: “Keep it Up!”. Fun times are guaranteed in this place we strongly recommend, whose name was even mentioned in a LVMH congress as a perfect example of a successful cocktail bar! You sure can’t forget a name like the Dirty Dick!

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