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Top 10 Best Things To Do For Father's Day In Paris

June 08, 2015

By Florian


You have treated your mother to something she really likes on Mother’s Day last month. Well, we wouldn’t want to get daddy upset and jealous on June 21st this year, now would we? Father’s Day might not be as big a deal as its female counterpart, but it’s still very nice to do something with your dear ol’ dad! It is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June in France, and makes the opportunity to spend some quality time with him: enjoy some music, take him to an exceptional dinner experience, a glamourous show or a high tech expo... Find out the 10 best things to do for Father’s Day right here.

Fete de la Musique - Music Day

This year, Father’s Day happens to be on the same day as one of the best annual events in Paris: the Fête de la Musique (Music Day). Amateur or professional musicians, big stages or small café terrasses, hundreds of bands will be playing covers or originals all night long. So if your father enjoys listening to music as much as playing it, you’ll have the time of your life just wandering in the streets of Paris that night. 

Click on the link for more information on this year’s Fete de la Musique - Music Day.

Berges de Seine

Let’s hope the sun will be shining bright on Father’s day this year, as there is nothing better than hanging around and wandering on the Berge de Seine, a part of the left bank of the Seine River located between the Musée d’Orsay and the Invalides. Outdoor exhibitions, sports, entertainment and trendy bars make it a lively and very enjoyable place to spend time with your father.

Don’t forget to stop for a drink at Rosa Bonheur sur Seine.

Crazy Horse

The Crazy Horse is hands down the most glamourous cabaret in Paris. This iconic venue has been showcasing the beauty of women's bodies with absolute stunning artistic features and state of the art light technology since 1951. He’ll then wish Father’s Day were 365 days per year!

Discover what the Crazy Horse is all about right here

New Paragraphe

La Recyclerie is an off the beaten path bar/ restaurant / concept in the north of Paris, behind Montmartre and its iconic Sacré Coeur landmark. Healthy food, DIY tips and even a communal garden: you can’t get any more environmental friendly than here. For father’s day, this low tech and unconnected place will even have special reflexology and Chinese medicine animations.

Read more about La Recyclerie here

L'Atelier Renault

Renault is the leading French car manufacturer. As a car connoisseur, your father will be thrilled to head out to L’Atelier Renault on the prestigious Champs-Elysées Avenue and discover the prototypes and new concepts cars that will ride our highways in the future. Surely a very interesting place to bring him to on Father’s Day.

Check out L’Atelier Renault’s official website for more information (

Wine Tasting

Is your father a fine wine connoisseur? If he is, he will truly be delighted to assist a high quality wine tasting experience at the Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels. The wine bar’s knowledgeable sommelier will take you to the most remote places of France and Italy and let you discover some truly delicious wines. The wonderful world of wine will not have any secrets for your father anymore!

Book your wine tasting experience now on June 25th by writing an email to

Marin d'Eau Douce

Your father loves the sea, but you dragged him to Paris for the holidays? You’ll make it up for him by renting a half day electric boat to discover the Canal de l’Ourcq that flows north of Paris. These easy to steer boats are a pleasant way to experience something different (and very Parisian), away from the crowds in front of the city’s iconic monuments. Make sure you pack a picnic to make this moment extra special!

Check out Marin d’Eau Douce for more details here

Theatre in Paris

Now here is something you won’t want to miss if you father is more of the literary type. Typical French plays open up to an English speaking crowd thanks to surtitles developed by Theater in Paris. From comedies (A farewell Dinner) to French classics (Cyrano), you will be able to enjoy the magic of theatrical plays (and iconic venues) without worrying about the language! A perfect Father’s Day entertainment.

You’ll find all the information you need on Theater in Paris here


Your father can’t get enough of sightseeing? If you still think you have to take a break from sightseeing when hunger strikes, think again! Embark on a culinary voyage like no other with Bustronome. A fine gourmet dinner served in the most luxurious glass roof bus, driving slowly past all the iconic monuments and areas of Paris. A sightseeing experience your passionate father won’t want to miss!

Find out more on Bustronome here

New Paragraphe

Why take pictures of Paris when a nice drawing is so much more personal! Draw Paris will guide you through an authentic Parisian neighborhood, such as Montmartre, and give you the time, the tools and the tips to draw Paris the way you feel it. This is a perfect activity to do on Father’s Day if your father is a true artist.

Read more about Draw Paris here

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