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What You Missed During The Nuit Blanche

October 05, 2014

By Florian

Although there was a bit of rain and the temperature suddenly dropped to what could be described as below freezing point when you are only wearing a shirt, it was great to see that once again, tens of thousands of people hit the streets after 8pm to discover paintings, sculptures and other fascinating creations exposed during the whole night and for one night only. Although I wasn't able to go to all of the major points in Paris (I would only take so such of walking around with constant goose bumps), here are some of the sights that were visible in the 13th district (Open Musée Street Art Contemporain route) and next to the Pantheon (Ceux Que Nous Sommes route) on October 4th 2014.

"Kinematope" by Pablo Valbuena at Gare d'Austerlitz

"Mur Ouvert" (Open Wall) by Sambre at Les Docks - Cité de la Mode et du Design

"Anamorphosis" by Boa Mistura, with the world REALITE (reality) under the subway

"Disobedient Lines" by Esther Stocker, at the Halle Freyssinet

"Les Trois Ages" (The Three Ages) by Borondo on the wall of a building in the 13th District (93 Rue de Chevaleret)

"Lost in the City - Ornament 2014" by YZ next to 93 Rue du Chevaleret

"Archanges Urbains" by Jean-Paul Lefret, on the steps near the crossing of Rue Watt and Rue de Chevaleret

"Perspective Lines" by Thomas Canto at the entrace of the Tunnel Rue Watt

"LA13" by Tristan Eaton at the intersection of Rue Watt and Rue du Chevaleret

"Gare Masséna" by Swoon, at the Gare Masséna

"Vertical Choreography" by Compagnie Retouramont on the facade of the 13th Arrondissement city hall

"La Transumante" by Johann Le Guillerm near the Pantheon, where only the pressure of each wood plank holds the structure in place (no nails, glue, string, screw...)

"Another Time, 2012" by Antony Gormley on the roof of the University Paris 1, in front of the Pantheon

"Les Vraisemblables" by Mark Jenkins, at the Pantheon

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