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Rock en Seine: 10 Best Tips to Make the Most of It

August 05, 2015

By Florian


Rock en Seine, the annual rock music festival on the outskirts of Paris, will be held from August 28 to August 30 in the Parc de Saint Cloud. This year, major international bands such as The Chemical Brothers and The Offspring as well as famous local artists will be performing in front of a packed stage. And just like any festival, you’ll need to navigate it like a pro. Here are our 10 best tips to rock it at Rock en Seine.

Tips 1 to 5

You go to a festival like Rock en Seine to enjoy the music. But it’s even better when shared with friends. Of the 4 stages, the coziest one is the Scène Pression Live (Pression Live Stage). It’s hard to define why this stage feels different, but it does. But don’t stay at the entrance. Go all the way to the back and head out to the opposite (right side) of the stage. It’s a little higher up, which is perfect for the view, and far less crowded.

One of the major problems with music festivals is the time you have to wait in line to go to the bathroom. That goes for men, but it’s even worse for women. To avoid the pain of having to hold it in while standing in line, head out to the toilets located near the Scène Pression Live. They’re not the closest, but the wait will greatly be reduced.

What would a rock music festival like Rock en Seine be without beer? There’s always a good reason to knock back a few pints. You’ll find a lot of Kronenbourg beer stands, but if you are picky, nothing beats the pints served at the Guinness stand facing the Scène de l’Industrie (Industry Stage).

Beer is good. But in France, wine and champagne are better. On the left side of the Scène de l’Industrie (Industry Stage), you will see a little hill. On top of that hill is a friendly café that serves beer, wine and champagne, as well as decent snacks. There’s also a view and you’ll be standing away from the dense crowds. 

There are quite a few places where you can get something to eat, but the place to be is the French fries stand right next to the Scène Pression Live (Pression Live stage). The homemade French fries here are simply delicious.

Tips 6 to 10

All rock fans with kids will say it: bring your kids (6-10 years old) with you and have them experience the Mini Rock en Seine. They will be doing all kinds of fun activities from 4pm to 10:30pm while you get to enjoy the festival. And you’ll have access to the Mini Rock en Seine toilets, which are a lot less crowded.

The weather is always an unknown factor. Check the weather forecast before heading out to Rock en Seine. If the day is rainy, make sure you put on boots as it can get pretty muddy since you’re in the middle of a park! And keep in mind that a rain coat is always better than an umbrella!

Finding a hotel room in Saint-Cloud or Boulogne, the 2 cities that are walking distance from Rock en Seine, is clearly the best solution to have a good nights sleep and not miss a moment of the 3 day festival. The on-site camping is convenient and cheap, but very noisy and uncomfortable. If you book a hotel room in Paris, you will have to leave the festival before it ends to catch the last metro (2am): you won’t be alone in the metro though!

All outlets at Rock en Seine accept credit cards. But if you prefer to pay cash, get it before entering the festival grounds, as there are no ATM machines on site. You can withdraw cash near the metro stations or in town. For an even more convenient payment method, try the FIVORY application  that will enable you to pay with your mobile phone.

The bands that play at Rock En Seine generally have short sets. And this goes for the headliners as well. There are 4 stages at Rock en Seine so if you are not convinced by the band you are watching after 10 minutes, don’t waste your time. The performance won’t get any better. Head to another stage ASAP and discover a new band.


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