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Cartier "Le Style et l'Histoire" Exhibition

December 04, 2013

By Michyl


Put on your shades, because this exhibition sparkles to the max. If attending the Cartier Le style et l’histoire (the style and history) exhibition alone wasn’t exciting enough, the moment you step inside the exhibit you will find yourself face to face with a rotating column of tiaras.


Founded in Paris in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, “Cartier” at the time was just another jeweler on Rue Montorgueil. Fast forward to today and Cartier is a luxury icon and inexplicably linked to royalty. The purpose of this exhibition is to take a walk in time, to show the evolution of Cartier as it established its signature Louis XVI style while also meeting the desires of high society women and men embracing the styles of Modern, Art Deco, Exotic and more. The exposition includes extensive collections of jewelry but also watches, clocks and collectables.


The exhibition is busy and the best course of action for speedy entry is to buy your ticket online and have it available on your smartphone. Plan for about 1-1.5 hours at the exhibition as it is extensive. The audio guide is a nice to have but not necessary as all pieces are clearly described on adjacent signs in French, English and Italian. Please (please) do not miss Princess Kate’s (the Dutchess of Cambrige) wedding tiara, Elizabeth Taylor's ruby necklace


Grace Kelly’s 10.5-carat emerald-cut diamond flanked engagement ring,


or Sir Yadavindra Singh’s (Maharaja of Patiala) ceremonial bib necklace.


But if I could have taken home just one thing, it would have been this bracelet (bottom center), smothered in diamonds with the center as a detachable brooch (like many of Cartier’s pieces). Next time…

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